Shelley Capital Management | Pension Schemes

Shelley Capital Management has significant experience in Pension Scheme Accounting and Reporting for some of the UK’s largest defined benefit schemes. There is growing pressure on Trustees to manage large pension deficits, and achieve higher quality reporting, due to challenging financial times.

Our Pension Scheme Accounting and Reporting product provides clients with a professional and experienced service, that covers all aspects of Pension Scheme Reporting, such as – financial statements production, accounting for new investment structures, new SORP accounting disclosures, full management of the management, and representation at Audit Committees.

We also hold expertise in Scheme Accounting and Reporting, Due Diligence on Administrators and Providers, Fair Value Asset Reviews, and General Operational Reviews.

Each of these services come standard within our Pension Scheme Accounting and Reporting Product, and are tailored uniquely to each Pension Scheme that we work with.

We offer the full spectrum of services including:

  • Monthly Investment Accounting and Record Keeping
  • Production of Monthly Valuation Reports
  • Monitoring Pension Contributions
  • Oversight of Custodians
  • Production of Annual Financial Statements
  • Implementing New Pension Scheme Accounting Systems
  • Liaison With External Auditors
  • Reviewing New Investment Structures
  • Production of Audit Committee Reports
  • Attending Audit Committees

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