Buying UK Property

Are You a Trader or an Investor? Firstly, it is important to look at whether you are a property trader or investor. Buying a property to make improvements to it in order to add value and sell on for a profit makes you a trader. If this is true then […]


Corporation Tax Rates Reducing

Who is likely to be affected Companies and unincorporated associations which pay Corporation Tax (CT). General description of the measure The measure reduces the CT main rate to 17% for the Financial Year beginning 1 April 2020. This is an additional 1% cut on top of the previously announced CT […]


EMI Share Option Schemes

Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs) If the company that you work with has assets of £30 million or less, then it may be able to offer Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs). You can purchase shares of up to £250,000 without paying any Income Tax or National Insurance on the difference between what […]