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April2018 News

R&D Tax Relief Claims Climb to Over £21.4bn

Research and Development (R&D) tax relief claims are far higher in recent years than ever before, with an astounding £21.4bn in tax relief claimed overall as confirmed in a report released by HMRC on 27 September 2018. Between 2000-2017, there have been over 240,000 claims made across the UK, with […]

Offshore Assets and Income

  What is Offshore Income Income is considered ‘offshore income’ if it comes from a territory outside the United Kingdom. It includes: – interest from overseas bank or building society accounts – dividends and interest from overseas companies – rent from overseas properties – wages, benefits, or royalties earned outside […]

New “Requirement to Correct” Rules to Affect All Taxpayers

  Starting from the 30 September 2018, the new “Requirement to Correct” (RTC) rules come into place, requiring taxpayers to make a disclosure of unpaid tax on assets, income and activities in other countries and transfers from the UK to other countries. HMRC is encouraging individual taxpayers to make sure […]